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About Us

Passion and raw material know-how

Italiana Parquet has been manufacturing
fine high-performance engineered wood
flooring solutions since 1990. It is highly
customizable, with an infinite range of looks
and unique artisanal details available.

Passion and raw material know-how
are the ingredients that have driven the
company’s growth over the years, alongside
the most prestigious brands in the furniture
and interior design industries.

Italiana Parquet was born in 2021 from
a shared vision, a strategic alliance with
Margaritelli Group, a well-known wood
surfaces industry player.

Our mission was to create a synergy under
the shared Italian manufacturing culture flag,
in which woodworking expertise meets
manual applications of high-quality, antibacterial,
stain-resistant and highly durable finishes.

From the technical and creative skills of local artisans

Centuries ago, in a small village on the shores
of the Giano River in Italy, one of the oldest
industrial Italian districts took root in
a region that is globally well known for its
extraordinary history and traditions.

Home to painters, cblacksmiths and master
papermakers, Fabriano successfully melds culture
and craftsmanship to preserve ancient crafts,
harmonize industry and manufacturing
and promote its cultural-artistic legacy.

Italiana Parquet was born from the technical
and creative skills of local artisans
and is rooted in rich craftmanship traditions.
Over the years it has established itself in the
international panorama of furniture surfaces
as a cutting-edge creative center.


Italiana Parquet uses meticulously certified raw materials.

Ask for our FSC® or PEFC certified products.

Would you like more information on the Care and Maintenance of your parquet?