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Care and Maintenance

The ideal enviroment

The ideal environment for a wood floor must meet the following parameters:
a room temperature between 15° to 28°, with humidity levels between 45% and 60%.
Preserving the right "habitat" will ensure a long life, health and dimensional stability for your wooden floor.

Cleaning and maintenance

1.Vacuum the floor regularly to prevent dirt from getting into the wood grain; never wash the floor without vacuuming it first;

2. For daily cleaning, if necessary, always use water with the specific detergent SAPONE BIO by Italiana Parquet, mopping the floor with a well wrung microfibre cloth.

3. for the nourishment and protection of wood floorings with a natural oil finish, every 6 months apply the TONICO. On the dry floor, distribute the solution in the direction of the wood grain taking care to spread a thin film evenly using a microfibre cloth.

* To learn more about all details related to the maintenance and care of your wooden floor, please refer to the Technical Data Sheets of our collections.